About Us

Rejuvenant Family Health Care is committed to delivering primary care in a thorough and compassionate fashion. We believe in empowering our patients to strive for better health and wellness through care, education, and coaching.

At Rejuvevnant Family Health Care, we are able to provide exceptional care through what is known as direct primary care. We do not bill insurance* and are able to provide affordable and accessible care directly to our patients for a monthly fee.

We provide membership-based primary care that includes virtual visits and house calls, at cost labs, well visits, sick visits, chronic disease management**, and weight management.

*Rejuvenant Family Health Care does not bill insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid for services. If you are a member of Medicare or Medicaid, please consider joining our waiting list at this time.

*Specialist visits, prescriptions, immunizations, labs, and images may be billed through your insurance

**We are unable to provide chronic pain management