Family Doctor Accepting New Patients in Macon, Georgia

Hello to you! My name is Dr. Jennifer Evans and I’m accepting new patients at Rejuvenant Family Health Care in Macon, Ga. As a family physician, I’m able to take care of people in every season of their lives.  It brings me joy to be able to offer services in the area I grew up.

Our services include care for your daily health and wellness as well as an array of chronic and acute illnesses. Whether you are in need of a pap smear or need help with your blood pressure or blood sugars, we’ve got you covered. We offer health coaching to assist you with your health goals and weight loss care to help you reach a healthy weight with good nutrition and self-care.

We are able to build a sincere healthcare relationship with you through affordable and more accessible care.

Click here to schedule a meet and greet.

We look forward to serving your health needs!

-Dr. Jennifer Evans, MD, MPH