The Benefits of Direct Primary Care

You’ve spent frustrating hours trying to navigate our current healthcare system. Whether for routine physicals and exams or for an ongoing health issue, you’ve experienced difficulty getting in contact with your doctor, issues with understanding your care, and trouble accessing the services you need. Then there’s the money you spend just to stay on top of staying healthy. How frustrating!

Most of those frustrations can be alleviated by choosing a direct primary care office for your primary care. Direct primary care offers more personable and personalized care.

Better access to your doctor 

More time with your doctor 

Healthier you

Now this style of care is not anything new. Prior to our current insurance systems, most physicians took care of their patients for their negotiated fee. Over the years, the pay from insurance companies has been variable. To make the necessary amount of revenue to cover expenses such as employee pay, many doctors must see greater than 20 patients and upwards of 30 patients a day. This means your visits are short, often rushed, and lacking answers. Your doctor is frustrated by this too!

A movement began to get back to the physician-patient relationship with physicians choosing smaller practice sizes and seeing fewer patients. To effectively do this, patients pay an affordable monthly fee for flexible access and care by their doctor.  This is direct primary care.

Direct Primary care differs from concierge medicine. It doesn’t come with a large price tag for physicals and screenings. Direct primary care does not bill your insurance while concierge medicine may bill your insurance in addition to their fee paid by you.

Insurance isn’t necessary to have care with a direct primary care doctor. Some amount of health insurance coverage or a health cost sharing membership is recommended, but will not hinder you from beginning care with a direct primary care doctor.

Many people who choose the route of direct primary care are very satisfied with their care and the care relationship that they have built with their doctor.  We at Rejuvenant Family Health Care are excited to offer this service to you!

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